HSAS Bargaining Update - April 9, 2014

Bargaining Updates

HSAS Bargaining Update - April 9, 2014


Heath Sciences Association of Saskatchewan (HSAS), SAHO and Employer bargaining committee representatives met April 9, 2014. HSAS and SAHO had first met August 26, 2013. There has been 10 days of bargaining since that opening session with bargaining continuing in Regina on April 9 and 10. The last bargaining session was on March 12th, at which SAHO presented HSAS with an initial monetary offer. HSAS said time was required to respond. On the next meeting date, April 9th, HSAS said the initial monetary offer was not adequate and asked SAHO to go back and prepare another offer. SAHO asked HSAS to provide a counter offer, but this was refused. Instead, HSAS has indicated that they will pursue a strike vote with union members.

The parties remain at the bargaining table for April 9 and 10. The SAHO/employer committee continues to be available to bargain.

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